Physical Preparation in Padel Course. Level I

Physical Preparation in Padel Course. Level I

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Physical Preparation in Padel Exercise

With the completion of this physical preparation in padel course you can broaden your knowledge about physical preparation in padel, from a practical perspective, with a broad range of exercises that will help you to improve the quality of your classes and padel training sessions.

In this learning you also can achieve to implement the theoretical rationale of physical preparation and sports training applied to padel sport. With a perfectly developed and classified according to the main physical capacities (strength, stamina, speed, coordination…) technical dossier you can analyze and understand the development of padel game from a physic-technical point of view.

In this online training on physical preparation in padel you can enjoy didactic material with videos of exercises in a padel court, completely developed worksheets with variants and alternatives to every one of the exercises, and images of all the exercises to bring them to the court and make more rewarding your padel classes and workouts.

Every exercise have a real demonstrative video of players in the court. There are more than 85 videos altogether, with their respective worksheets, having every exercise several variants, so in the end you have at your disposal over 100 exercise proposals, every one in the court, to be performed in your padel classes and workouts, being able to adapt every exercise to different game levels and to situations with several players in the court.

Who are these courses aimed at?

The course is oriented to instructors, padel teachers, padel club managers, players and physical education courses students. The course is totally available in English for students whose mother language isn’t the Spanish.

Furthermore, every student that complete the Online course can do the on-site course of Physical Preparation in Padel at the cost of only 50 euros. Once the course is finished, you will receive a PFP Certificate.

PFP plataforma de formación online dedicada al padel. Un punto de encuentro en el que los mejores profesionales  del sector del padel comparten sus conocimientos y experiencias a todos los usuarios del padel. Tu curso online de pádel.